Height5'11" Chest38" Waist30" Inseam28" Collar15" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe9.5 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Born in San Francisco to mixed Filipino, Spanish, French, and Chinese parents, and raised in Italy, the U.K., and Bali among others, Allen is a versatile model and actor on a mission to raise active a...
Allen Thomas
Height6'3" Chest41" Waist32" Inseam33.5" Collar15" Suit41" Suit LengthL Shoe12 US HairBrown EyesHazel
Growing up, I never thought I would be in the position I am in today. I was overweight, shy, insecure, and an only child of immigrant parents who instilled false limitations with no role model to emul...
Brad De Comarmond
Height5'11.5" Waist33" Collar15" Suit42" Shoe11 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I am a by–product of art programs in NYC public schools. Without these programs I don't know where I would be as an artist. I know how important those programs wer...
Bradley Valentin
Height6'0" Chest38" Waist30" Inseam32" Collar15.5" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe10 US HairBrown EyesHazel
I believe that clean water opportunity equals educational and economical opportunities for those born into water scarce environments. After witnessing countless communities affected by the water crisi...
Chris Schortgen
Height6'2" Waist31" Inseam32" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe9 US HairLight Brown EyesGreen
Dane Johnson is an international model and Natural Medicine Practitioner specializing in Gut Health. After a near-death battle with Crohn’s Disease, Dane defied the odds by not only saving his own lif...
Dane Johnson
Height5'8" Waist30.5" Shoe8 US HairBlack EyesBrown
My name is Daniel Bambaata Marley. I’m born in Jamaica and moved to the states at 16 years old, where I currently reside in LA. My life has always been surrounded by art and ever since a young age I’v...
Daniel Marley
Height6'0" Chest40" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar16.5" Suit40" Shoe12 US HairBlack EyesBrown
As an actor, model and motivational speaker - Darrius Marcellin is driven by the foundation for inspiring upcoming talent to go after their dreams and reach their full potential. "Every dream and...
Darrius Marcellin
Height6'2" Chest40" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar16.5" Sleeve34.5" Suit36" Suit LengthL Shoe11 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
My name is David Forsman, but most people call me Dave, Swedish Dave, or Swedish, and I’m one epic Role Model! I’m so passionate about life, and feel that it’s such an amazing and beautiful thing, tha...
David Forsman
Height6'0" Chest46" Waist36" Inseam32" Collar17" Sleeve35" Suit44" Suit LengthL Shoe11.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown
I was born and raised in Lexington, KY. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles. When I was in the 6th grade, I remember watching the premiere...
Francis Lee Baker
Height6'2.5" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam32" Sleeve35" Suit38" Suit LengthL Shoe13 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Francis Polo is a native of Lagos State, Nigeria, originating from the Urhobo tribe. Francis is fluent in his native tongue and conversant in Italian.
Francis' first passion was soccer, he p...
Francis Polo
Height6'6" Chest38" Waist34" Inseam36" Shoe13 US HairBrown EyesBrown
I am an advocate of healthy living, whether it’s eating healthy or exercising daily. I’ve struggled with insecurities about my looks when I was younger because of my freckles and I was different from ...
Glen Dandridge
Height6'1" Chest38" Waist31" Inseam32" Collar10" Sleeve34" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe10 US HairDark Brown EyesHazel
I come from a small town in Southern Georgia with humble upbringings. Growing up around addiction in my family I quickly learned about what I did and did not want for my future. It ultimately led to m...
JJ Michaels
Height6'2" Chest38" Waist30" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Growing up and being an athlete I learned to be confident in my body, my self confidence and my ability to achieve anything with hard work and determination. Going through this journey has taught me t...
Joey Davis
Height6'0" Waist32" Inseam32" Suit39" Suit LengthR Shoe10.5 US HairBrown EyesBlue
Joshua Burrow is an American avid surfer, former motocross racer, actor, voice actor model and Voice Over artist. He appeared in TV shows such as The Unusuals, Mercy, Law & Order: Criminal Intent,...
Josh Burrows
Height6'0" Chest40" Waist29" Inseam31" Collar15.5" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe11.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Meet Lee Jimenez, a New York native who catapulted his life one muscle at a time. Lee is the founder of Body Battle Fitness, a premier fitness consultant brand for high performance athletes. Lee's...
Lee Jimenez
Height6'2" Chest42" Waist32" Inseam33" Collar16" Sleeve36" Suit LengthR Shoe11.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Matthew Oh is a first generation Korean American actor and model born and raised in Dallas, Texas. His family is from Seoul, South Korea. "My mission as an artist is to inspire mindfulness a...
Matthew Oh
Height5'11" Chest20" Waist32" Inseam31" Collar15.5" Sleeve24" Suit49" HairBlack EyesBrown
I have been in fashion for almost 10 years after starting as an art student, aiming to be a teacher. I was not prepared to be in the classroom & fashion was an exciting outlet to utilize the skill...
Mayan Rajendran
Height5'11" Chest36" Waist30" Collar16.5" Suit36" Suit LengthR Shoe9 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Professionally as a musician, I started my journey off as a drummer. In 2005 at age 15 I entered and won a national competition called UK Young Drummer of the Year. This was the catalyst that would dr...
Pauli LoveJoy
Height6'1" Chest38" Waist30" Collar15.5" Sleeve25" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairBrown EyesHazel
It is my passion to help people lead happier, healthier, and more purpose driven lives by inspiring them from my own experiences.  I want to use my modeling platform to create more awareness arou...
Philip Mangan
Height6'2" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam33" Collar15.5" Sleeve34" Suit38" Suit LengthL Shoe11 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Sam Marra is an actor, model, and vegan activist based in southern California.
Born and raised in Seattle, WA, he received his B.A. from Loyola Marymount University before studying at the Americ...
Sam Marra
Height6'2" Chest40" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar15.5" Sleeve33" Shoe12 US HairBrown EyesBlue
I’ve always believed in leaving a place better than I found it, so I apply this principle in my own life whilst helping others do the same. Being born in the USA and becoming a model I quickly re...
Steven Torrisi
Height6'3" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam34" Sleeve32" Suit38" Suit LengthL Shoe11 US HairBrown EyesHazel
Born and raised in San Diego, I've always enjoyed the pleasure of being surrounded by great people, food, and culture. Growing up, I got good grades, stayed out of trouble, and pretty much lived a...
Tim Adam
Height6'0" Waist32" Inseam32" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe12 US HairBrown EyesHazel
Weston Serame is a certified Lifestyle Design Coach and Tantra practitioner with 5 years of experience working with clients to meet their personal development objectives and fulfill their true potenti...
Weston Serame
Height5'11" Chest38" Waist34" Inseam31" Collar15" Sleeve23" Shoe11.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown
I have always admired the ways human beings overcome and face adversity. Life in itself is a challenge and the many forms of art and social custom that come from this are fascinating. Often I feel tha...