Height5'9.5" Chest38" Waist31.5" Inseam33.5" Collar16.5" Shoe8.5 US HairDark Brown EyesGrey
Born in Barcelona and settled in Paris, most of the time I'm a professor and I've doing so for the last years, teaching tourism, marketing and sustainability in college. Besides, I worked for ...
Dan Pontarlier
Height5'11.5" Chest38.5" Waist30.5" Suit40" Shoe9 US HairDark Blonde EyesBrown
Hi I'm Guillem and I love music. Creating music and playing the bass guitar is my passion. Currently I am training to be a DJ- my style is a mix of African roots music and house. I love to create ...
Guillem Cano
Height6'2" Chest39" Waist32" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
First of all, I’m vegan because of 3 things: for the environment, for the animals and my personal health.
I noticed that in The Netherlands most people don’t know how bad it is for them, or the p...
Julian Piket
Height6'0" Chest15.5" Waist33" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Rodrigo Müller is a Brazilian model and film producer who takes a wide view of the whole system. He created PLUS Art Films for excellence in story telling celebrating the extraordinary transformation ...
Rodrigo Müller
Height6'2" Chest41" Waist38" Suit40" Shoe8 US HairLight Brown EyesHazel
Samuel is a man of simple things with a passion for ultra trail running, a sport that means running in the wild for hours and hours, sometimes more than 100 km. He loves being in the mountains in the ...
Samuel Lhermillier
Height5'8" Chest41" Waist30" Inseam28" Collar15.5" Sleeve19" Suit42" Suit LengthR Shoe8 US HairBlack EyesBrown
I’m Timo, a man of few words and I rather let my actions speak.
One part of humanity is living carelessly and wastefully at our planets cost. Unfortunately, all the warnings of Mother Earth only ...
Timo Nghiem