October 13, 2020

RMM is honored to have participated in this year's Green Carpet Fashion Awards by Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana and Eco-Age. The digital award show was a celebration of sustainable fashion and "to celebrate exceptional individuals and companies that have transformed the possibilities of fashion this year" (Eco-Age). We look forward to participating in future Sustainable fashion events. All the details for the GCFA 2020 can be found at Eco-Age.com. Watch the replay, get behind the scenes access, or take a look at the GCFA 2020 sustainable looks.

Role Models Laura Madden, Monica Richards, Milena MajewskaTyler Chanel, and Summer Dean joined the event and shared their Green Carpet looks, photos below! 

The 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Award winners:

The GCFA Visionary Award: Zendaya
The GCFA Best Independent Designer Award: Sindiso Khumalo
The CNMI Responsible Disruption Award: Progetto Quid
The GCFA North Star Award: The UN for the UN Sustainable Development Goals
The GCFA Art Of Craftsmanship Award: Italian Artisans