May 17, 2019

Fashion company Kering has announced that it will no longer use models who are under the age of 18.The French luxury group owns several major fashion houses, including Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. The policy will come into effect in time for the 2020-2021 Autumn/Winter collections, Kering said.

Chief executive François Henri-Pinault said in a statement that the company was "conscious of the influence exerted on younger generations" by its images.

"We believe that we have a responsibility to put forward the best possible practices in the luxury sector, and we hope to create a movement that will encourage others to follow suit," he said.

Anne Therese, one of Role Models Management's two co-founders, was interviewed by BBC on the topic. Watch the video to see what an ethical modeling agency like Role Models feel about industry movements like these.

You can watch the full news feature here, and below are some highlights of what we believe as an agency.

  1. We congratulate Kering for taking a bold step in the right direction and we hope that other brands will follow suit. Modeling is a tough industry, especially for women and men entering it very early.

  1. Agents have legal authority to make financial decisions for you (power of attorney), and if you’re too young and do not know how to handle your own money, you can end up in debt before you are even 18.

  1. Many models see modeling as an opportunity that they can't pass up in the moment so they drop out of school or avoid university for an unpromised career. Finishing high school is a great choice for young models so they can always have other career opportunities should they choose to quit modeling.

  1. We believe that it’s important to have developed spiritually and mentally before entering such a rough industry such as modeling. With a stronger sense of self-love and understanding of yourself and the world, it’s easier not to lose yourself in a career that can be quite isolating and mentally demanding.