November 20, 2018

Therese Bengtsson is apart of the new movement here in NYC of model-run-for-models businesses. As founder of ethical modeling agency Role Models Management, based out of NYC and LA, Therese is on the cutting edge of the new movement in fashion. No longer is the campaign just about a face; it’s about a lifestyle and a personality too. The face behind a brand must authentically represent the lifestyle a brand is trying to sell. This is where Role Models comes in. Representing talent such as Carolina Fontaneti, models are certainly beginning to understand this new wave as well.

Our philosophy is to build and empower strong models who have the ability to be a positive influence in this world. We’re making our own army of Role Models. We also want everyone to feel like we’re in on something important, together, and that this is not a win-or-lose game. As long as we believe in and fight for a better tomorrow we’re all winners and that’s the philosophy that makes it so much fun to work these long hours every day. I’m so fortunate to be able to work with passionate, like-minded people and to see the world shift around us as we continue our work.

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