Height5'9" Bust36" B Waist28" Hips38" Dress6 US Shoe9.5 US HairBrown EyesGreen

Bridgett Brown Burrick is a model and the founder of the Beyond Beauty Project — a movement to help improve self-esteem and confidence around body image and mental health. 


With over two decades working in an industry focused on outer beauty, her modeling career taught her beauty doesn’t mean having perfect skin or a model-type body.  And though these experiences helped shape her personal understanding of beauty, her encounters with life’s hardships further taught her that being beautiful and feeling beautiful were two very different things. She also drew inspiration for her project from her training as a qualified personal trainer and holistic health counselor, understanding how valuable it is for women to get in tune with and nurture their bodies


BBP is a multimedia platform that includes both a podcast and workshops providing a safe space for conversations surrounding beauty and self-loving care. Bridgett is helping to redefine the meaning of beauty and continue the push towards equality by building each other up with confidence and self-love. 


Each day raising a daughter further ignites her passion, realizing that her mother’s own self-worth had a lot to do with how she felt about herself. This continues to inspire Bridgett to pass along healthy messages to her daughter and our youth.


Bridgett knows a good hair day can help anyone feel beautiful for a moment but ardently believes our beauty comes from within —within our health, minds, emotions, and souls. There is no beauty fix for not loving yourself, and she hopes the Beyond Beauty Project helps shine some light on the things we can all do to feel our best from the inside out.