Height5'8" Bust34" A Waist27" Hips36" Dress4 US Shoe9 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown

I wish to change the image and perception of what beauty is supposed to look like and feel like. I am very passionate when it comes to self-love and mental health. I believe when you actively practice feeding your mind positive thoughts, feeding your body healthy food, and surrounding yourself around people and things that will feed you positivity and love, you can have limitless potential. I want to empower and motivate women of all ages especially our young ones who are our future in which this world will mold and all the mothers out there to encourage them to practice self love, embrace true confidence by accepting and loving themselves completely and fully and that it’s okay to put themselves first sometimes. I want to encourage all walks of life to love their imperfections, embrace their past, the dark and the light.

After having my children I went through a ride of emotions and doubts and fears and felt that I had sacrificed a lot of my hopes and dreams as well as my body as a model. Stretch marks... stretched skin. I thought life as a model was over for me. I thought motherhood had to be my only priority to be a good mother.  Shortly realized that was all a perspective and an excuse to give in to my fears. When I shifted my perspective and chose to continue doing what I loved saw that I could still be an amazing parent and have success in my personal journey. Know what you want, ask for help/support when needed, don't give in to fear and just GO FOR IT! Alignment will come.