Height5'2" Bust30" C Waist24" Hips33" Dress0 US Shoe6.5 US HairDark Brown EyesGreen
What drives me and brings me passion is kindness. Kindness amongst humans, kindness amongst animals both on land and in our oceans (I do have seven pets), and kindness to our planet for which we call home. 

In 2010 I was in a car accident involving a drunk driver which left me paralyzed. Prior to that I spent my time working with animals and training as a dancer. I’ve always had a strong passion that has drawn me to the performing arts of every kind and still love it till this day, though I have to approach it differently due to my “new situation”. The arts are something I believe, whether it’s television, movies, or fashion, have some of the greatest influence on society that we as people learn from and accept. 

After being a wheelchair user for over a decade, something that has really struck me/stuck with me is the way we, people with disabilities, are viewed and valued socially. The fact that buildings, sidewalks, any sort of establishment is still struggle to be made accessible shows me how little we are seen. My hope, through having more representation in all the mediums, of people with all body types and disabilities, is to normalize and embrace each and everyone of us! We are all valued members of society, and beautiful in our own ways and I truly believe this is something that should be celebrated!

I look forward for the day where we turn on our televisions, or open a magazine and see someone in a wheelchair and not think anything other than “this is a beautiful human being“.