Height5'11" Bust32" A Waist25" Hips34" Dress2 US Shoe10 US HairBrown EyesGreen

Born in Southern California to a Black and Cherokee mother and British father, life was diverse from the start. After modeling professionally for 2 years, Paris suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2017. Before her accident, she attempted to fit into an industry that didn’t fully encompass her natural self. She struggled with her natural hair texture, her identity as a bi-racial woman, and with her brand to present to clients and the world. Her brain injury gave her a new perspective: recognizing the beautiful, unique gifts we all have and the decisions to embrace our natural selves. This inspired her journey of becoming a yoga instructor and pursue going back to college to get her bachelor's in nursing so that she can do for others what her doctors did for her.

Paris practices and advocates wellness and beauty from the inside out. She is an avid supporter of doing the things that heal us and navigating through life with a mindset to love yourself no matter your circumstances. Mindfulness, mediation, wholesome eating, and a spiritual grounding are all tools she uses to take good care of herself.