Height5'0" Bust32" C Waist23" Hips34" Dress0-2 US Shoe6 US HairBlack EyesBrown

Being a first-generation American in my family meant that I was instilled with their survival mindset and amazing hard work ethics with a vision to create a better life. But being a first-generation American also meant that I had to find my own way through life without proper guidance and role models because my parents were just figuring it out as I was. In that journey, I have battled against multiple depressions (and won!) and even overcame my bipolar disorder. All of these things that have shaped me into who I am today made me realize that I wanted to live a meaningful life filled with positive purpose in helping others to overcome similar situations.

Modeling has allowed me to creatively self-express who I am while teaching me to love all parts of myself, physically and mentally. I genuinely love being a part of an artistic vision and helping to bring it to life. As a petite model, I also hope to be at the forefront in shifting the stigma and limitations of the fashion industry while showing the true power of what we can manifest when we open our hearts to the possibilities the world has to offer. My biggest passion, is to inspire other young women on how to be more confident in their individual self-expression, to guide them from a negative mindset of self-doubt to a more positive and powerful perception of who they are and the wonderful world we live in, and to empower them with tools to grow beyond their own circumstantial limitations. I hope to be a source of light and love to all those around me.