Height5'5" Bust34" B Waist26" Hips36" Dress4 US Shoe8 US HairAuburn EyesHazel
Hi! I’m Rhianna, a model, writer and inclusivity advocate. I use my voice to champion the female and racial representation I never had growing up as a biracial girl in America, and am deeply impassioned by cultural inclusivity, female narratives and sustainable fashion. I’m a frecklefest of leopard, storytelling and personality. Often seen biking or dancing in Brooklyn, I only wear vintage and love making others smile.

I created an Afro Hair Emoji campaign last year that went viral, challenging the lack of Afrocentric representation in digital spaces. Emoji are the fastest growing universal language and not ONE reflects Afrocentric culture. I straightened my hair my whole childhood surrounded by exclusively Eurocentric beauty standards, and struggled to fit a mold that didn’t come naturally. To this day, our culture faces scholastic, vocational and housing discrimination worldwide simply for embracing our natural hair. My campaign started a global conversation around beauty norms, and I was featured on NYT, NPR, and NowThis amongst many others. The proposal was twice rejected, but my fight that continues. I’m committed to seeing a world where everyone can cherish not only the skin, but the hair that they’re in.