Height5'9.5" Bust31" A Waist26.5" Hips36" Dress2-4 US Shoe8 US HairBlonde EyesBlue

Being a professional model for the past 5 years has given me the chance to fulfill my dream of traveling the world. I have been able to experience firsthand new cultures, languages, and amazing people. Seeing these new places inspired me to use my other skills to volunteer teaching Ballet in South Africa and English in Vietnam.

After 5 years of modeling, I finally hit my limit of being told I was too fat, too skinny, too old, or too conservative. I found the industry uncaring about anything except for my measurements and I had enough of complying with unhealthy values and standards.

Studying Kinesiology in college always reinforced a belief in a healthy body, not a skinny body. Role Model Management is a great match for me because I believe that modeling is more than just a hip measurement, it’s about character, compassion, and leadership. I hope to have a voice that encourages an acceptance of uniqueness and a strive towards a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The sum of these experiences heavily influences my artwork. I believe the ability to create is one of our greatest gifts as human beings. I hope to encourage people to say “no” to massive corporations and say “yes” to small businesses in the community. I hope my paintings get people thinking about how we as humans treat one another and how we can empower those who have challenges that are different from our own, and I hope to continue to illustrate Children’s Books that promote empathy and love.