Height5'10" Bust34" B Waist26" Hips35" Dress0-2 US Shoe9 US HairBlonde EyesHazel

My personal journey until this point has crafted strong and ever-evolving passions for helping people optimize their lives through wellness and community. I am an avid believer that prioritizing one’s physical, social, and spiritual well-being allows people to show up in the world with their fullest potential, and thus have a greater impact on everything they touch.

My wellness company, Zigii, was born from woes with our broken healthcare system, and firm belief that true wellness comes from the bottom up. I feel incredibly grateful to live in a time and place in history that allows us to design our lives, and truly be the authors of our own stories. I believe in the unlimited potential of aggregating open-minded and passionate people, and have made it a mission to continuously diversify my mental portfolio through community building. 

“Your life is before you. Fill these pages with kind deeds, matters of your heart, things that matter. Live a life of significance. Don’t read your life, write your life.”

I aim to live my life abiding by 'Kaizen Philosophy', striving for continuous and cumulative improvement both personally and professionally. I believe that surrounding myself with mission-driven people and organizations fuels my ability to be a positive energy in the world, and am so excited to support causes I care about by representing brands that align with my personal values through Role Models.