Height5'11" Waist25" Hips35" Dress6 US Shoe11.5 US HairBlonde EyesBlue

Real beauty comes from having confidence in yourself and knowing that you are enough, which can be difficult as a model. Despite modelling for over half of my life for some of the worlds’ biggest brands, I eventually found this confidence in myself by writing, ‘The Model Manifesto’ to help others find this confidence in themselves.

I am passionate about social justice and helping people who are exploited. Having been very fortunate to have studied law, I believe that education is the first step to empowerment, especially in the modelling industry. Modelling itself is an incredible platform to influence change, and I love helping models to recognise their own strengths and to use their voice to stand up for what they believe in – hopefully themselves!

‘The Model Manifesto’ is an anti-exploitation guide for the modelling industry that was featured prominently across UK media, such as on the cover of The Times, and BBC News. Modelling is a complex world and I am extremely dedicated to helping people understand it, given the effect that it has not only on models, but the general public.  

As a model, I feel a responsibility to promote real representation of all sizes and colours in fashion and body positivity. Mental health is another huge passion of mine, as more people than ever are suffering in our ‘insta-perfect’ world. It is amazing to see the concept of a ‘model’ change, as beauty is no longer just the stereotypical standard of perfection, instead focusing on what is inside – how inner beauty shines out of a person, how they use their voice, what they want to see in the world. Models are no longer just the ‘face’ of a brand, they represent it completely as a role model for others.