Height5'10" Bust32" Waist25" Hips32" Dress2-4 US Shoe8 US HairBrown EyesBrown

Modeling is something that surprised me in how much it correlates with my career goals, my values and beliefs. It allows me to explore my passion for creative expression and appreciation of individuality, learn more about myself, and it serves as a platform from which I hope to raise awareness around issues of inequality and social justice. My first fashion shows were centered around promoting mental health awareness, which introduced me to the possibilities of acting as a role model and using modeling as a platform for social change. This coincides perfectly with my career plans, and has inspired me towards further involvement in the fashion industry while also pursuing my academic goals. 

In the academic arena, I plan to study medicine, which was built upon the foundations of human nature and curiosity, but the most interesting part to me is the impact that this field has on the people privileged enough to have access to it. When a person has access to health care for their physical well being, research has proven that their mental health, self esteem, longevity, quality of life, and overall success are benefitted also. Access to educational opportunities, like access to health care, is one privilege that can lead to success in a highly competitive society like ours. This problem is of particular interest to me and I am passionate about a future career that will put me in a position to work towards a more equitable access to healthcare for everyone. 

In addition to this, being a role model allows me to share another important message: one of self acceptance and celebration of individuality. Those are essential for acceptance of others. Accepting oneself is the foundation that allows us to accept others and appreciate and validate our differences as well as our similarities. Recognizing the value of individual identity characteristics is an important step towards promoting equality and equal access to opportunities for all people, especially those who belong to marginalized social groups. To me, this feels more important than ever in today’s world, and I’m excited that modeling allows me to share these ideals and beliefs with others.