Height5'10" Bust34" B Waist24" Hips35" Dress4 US Shoe9 US HairBlonde EyesBlue

Throughout my life, I’ve had a passion for storytelling. When I was 16, I was scouted by a modeling agent in Los Angeles. Until that moment, modeling never crossed my mind. Rather, as a young girl, I dreamt of becoming a writer. There were so many undiscovered corners of the world to explore, current issues I longed to shed light on and stories waiting to be told. I possessed a natural curiosity, and seized modeling as an opportunity to travel across the country and internationally. Modeling presented new ways to tell stories and bring creative visions to life.

Today, I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Public Relations with a Minor in Marketing. Throughout college I studied corporate social responsibility, including environmental sustainability, philanthropy, ethical business practices and economic responsibility. As a model and professional, my greatest joy has been working with clients who practice these initiatives. This includes fashion labels helping women in developing countries start their own businesses, brands embracing natural beauty, and companies providing resources to families who are victims of domestic violence.

I’m an advocate for empowering women to succeed in their careers, education and all aspects of life. I believe we can become everything we aspire to be; entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, STEM professionals, models, mothers and more. Beauty, happiness and success cannot be measured by a singular label. As a native Southern Californian, my second passion is the ocean. I volunteer through non-profits advocating for coastal protection, clean oceans and organizations which share the sport of surfing with children battling medical hardships. My message for others who wish to be role models? Positive change begins with us!

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi