Height5'9" Bust34" A/B Waist24" Hips35.5" Dress0-2 US Shoe8.5 US HairBlonde EyesGreen

As a model I recognize I have a responsibility. I get to play a role in defining culture and beauty, and for this I am very grateful. Being able to model has called me to understand what beauty is, that it is something we all have within us, inherently, something we can not take away from others but do have the opportunity to restore.

In my time that I am not modeling I work with women at an addiction recovery home. Here I have the incredible opportunity to listen to their stories and learn from them. So often I hear stories of shame and brokenness, women who have lost sight of their inner beauty. Working personally with these women, I get the chance to tell them how loved they are, how beautiful they are and that nothing can ever change that.

Modeling has created a bridge for me to bring these messages together, that we can question and make wonderful changes. Through images and intention we get to tell a new story! My passion is to participate in art that brings dignity. To work in images that call out the beauty in others, to bring hope to those who may have forgotten it. We have the opportunity to change the world and I don’t want to waste a second of that!