Height5'7.5" Bust32" A Waist24" Hips32" Dress0-2 US Shoe6 US HairBlonde EyesGreen

I’m a writer, blogger, model, and yoga teacher in New York City. I consume far too much coffee, far too little chocolate, refuse to carry umbrellas, and love the smell of antique books. I spend my days chasing new writing ideas, looking for beautiful little things to snap photos of, escaping honking traffic by doing yoga, and painting on my fire escape!

My family is rooted in Buddhist/Eastern philosophy so I grew up immersed in cultures that focus on wellness without sacrificing the welfare the planet. Studying yoga and internalizing the value of ahisma (nonviolence) has shown me how necessary cruelty-free lifestyles are. I realized I needed to make the shift from being vegetarian to fully vegan. As a girl who grew up as a competitive athlete and model, I was initially concerned about the possible sacrifices I’d have to make if I went fully plant-based. Luckily, I could not have been more wrong! I now teach yoga in addition to modeling and hope to spread awareness for how achievable this lifestyle is - even for  a busy, coffee-guzzling, subway-hopping teenager!

I really think that there’s some inner beauty, glow, radiance and kindness that comes out when you’re fueled by things that benefit the world. As soon as one changes their lifestyle for the sake of kindness, ethics, and sustainability, their eyes will open up to so many more ways that we can help people, animals, and ecosystems around us! There really is a “helping high” - it feels so incredible to do something for the greater good. This has motivated me to pursue my latest passion - sustainable manufacturing and fabric recycling to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint!  As extra motivation, I can eat food almost as beautiful and colorful as my most vibrant (cruelty free, of course) eyeshadow palette!