Height5'10" Bust34" B Waist25" Hips35" Dress2-4 US Shoe8.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I decided to become a fashion model by chance when I was 17 years old. My big dream was to travel and explore this beautiful world and at the time I was studying Tourism Business at Universidade Federal do Paraná in Brasil so when the opportunity presented itself I didn’t think twice.

I've been in the fashion industry for a long time now, and I have truly enjoyed all the experiences and brands I’ve worked with like Chanel, Marie Claire, J.Crew, Jean Paul Gaultier, Garnier, Mercedes Benz, etc. But I always had an entrepreneur spirit. In 2001, while modeling in Paris, I discovered my passion for second-hand fashion, but it took me a decade to invest in the market and create a clothing swap club in NYC that later became an online marketplace for luxury used items.

A bit later, I had a wake-up call watching the doc The True Cost. After learning about what was behind the curtains of the industry, I felt like I had to do something. In Brasil, I co-founded a project, which encourages conscious consumption and part of sales is reverted to environment institutions, like Casa Do Rio, where they support and empower women artisans from the Amazon. In 2017 I created Thrif-tee, a vintage brand. During 2018 NYFW I joined forces with designer Zero Waste Daniel and Natura US to promote a debate about the urgent needs of social + environment transformations in the industry.

Today I am honored to be the ambassador of Sustex Moda in Brasil and the world movement #DressLikeYouCare. I am a true believer that consumption is a political act, what we choose to buy reflects what kind of world we want to be in. This is the future of fashion and our planet: we have to be as sustainable as possible.

I am really happy to be represented by Role Models, an agency like-minded and be able to share my experience and passion as a fashion model + sustainability enthusiast. My dream is to work, learn, promote and collab with brands I believe in and be able to share my journey with a purpose. Let's do this!