Height5'5" Bust34" C Waist25.5" Hips34.5" Dress4 US Shoe7 US HairBrown EyesBrown

My modeling career started 4 years ago in New York City. I was doing it for the pure enjoyment of taking photos, capturing a mood, and for the opportunity to interact with new faces & unique spirits. I decided to take modeling seriously when I realized I had a future in the industry. To be honest, I've always been a confident person with a clear vision of the human I want to be in this world; however, modeling has truly enhanced this mentality by allowing me to express myself as a woman, a human, and an artist.

I consider myself to be a forward thinking individual with a free-spirited personality, I have a clear vision and a unique perspective of the world. My goal is to promote inspired thinking and create a conversation amongst my peers that is relatable, raw, and authentic.  I hope that by using my voice with other progressive & unique individuals we will create a community that can help the world continue to move in a positive direction, while also establishing a dialogue on topics that often go overlooked. I am currently using passion for traveling, music, art, & writing to launch a Podcast that will aide in my mission to get humans to live a little lighter, freer, and in-tuned not only with themselves but with the world that surrounds them.