Height5'6" Bust32" A Waist24" Hips34" Dress0 US Shoe7.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I was raised in a Tibetan family in Darjeeling, India. Oftentimes my grandfather and I would go on walks from school or around the neighborhood and he would pick up worms lying on the streets and move them to a grassy area. It was a small lesson but I still carry it with me today. At a young age, the idea that we have so much power as human beings and that doing so little could save the life of another being was instilled in me.    

In the age of social media, I am heavily influenced by the activism online and it has inspired me to use my own power. It all starts with an individual choice and my choice is to speak up. In the same way that saving a life can be as simple as moving a small worm out of harm’s way, speaking openly about sustainable fashion and animal rights is something I’m practicing daily. As a model and actor, I am beginning to access this voice more to bring awareness to these issues, and speak about them and be an example to show how easy it is to be a better citizen of the world. My values of ethical markets align with Role Models. I am not just a pretty face, but a woman who is ready to use her voice for the good fight.