Height5'9" Bust32" B Waist24" Hips35" Dress2 US Shoe8.5 US HairBrown EyesBlue

I studied social sciences at the University of Southern California with an emphasis in human and environmental rights, but have always been an artist at heart. I search for ways to find union between artistic expression and social & environmental justice. This 'calling' of mine led me to most notably find work at Participant Media, the producers of Green Book, Food Inc., and An Inconvenient Truth, among other social & environmentally minded films. 

I'm somewhat of what they might call a "creative polymath"; I have many interests and am always looking to combine them into a greater purpose. I love art, writing, designing, art-directing, photo-shooting and most importantly, connecting with people. 

My journey with modeling was yet another extension of my love for all things creative. I love the shared experience of uniting with other artists – makeup artists, photographers, stylists, designers – to create a piece of art we could only make happen together.

Yet, going down the modeling path, I felt like I was losing touch with the part of myself that thought diligently about the impact of our consumerism. I wanted to know that which I was participating was supportive of the environment and the hands that created the products I wore. Role Models was somewhat of a Godsend – an agency that thought deeply about these causes, and I couldn’t be happier to join.

I'm always open to hearing about creative opportunities and brainstorming ways we can co-create. I seek to be honest with people about what matters and to always have hope for a better future.