Height5'10" Bust35" D Waist27.5" Hips38" Dress6-8 US Shoe10 US HairAsh Blonde EyesBlue

Victoria, born in France, began modeling at the age of 13 and continued for ten years before taking a break to find her true passion, helping others. In between modeling, she found her voice outside of being a wife and a mother and began riding motor bikes, volunteering and studied to be a psychologist and help other women after a painful battle with endometriosis bought her to a low point in her physical and mental health. She got through tough time with battling the disease with meditation, nutrition and also education which she used to work in psychoanalysis after she won her battle with the condition.

At the age of 48, now a mother and a scholar she decided to start modeling again to show that anything is possible and that age does not define beauty. She is also embracing the ageing process to show women that we do not need to be sold on being younger, but we are amazing just as we are. Psychoanalysis helped her so she wanted help other women. She studied to become a psychoanalyst which she has been for 10 years in France. In 2018 she had the opportunity to live one year in brazil where she became passionate about ceramics. She now produces her own design.

Victoria has decided to put things together and get a happier, lighter, erotica life, which in the terms of Freud, means a creative life where you can follow your real desire, without the pressure of the society and family! What she want to share by being a Role Model is happiness, creative life and follow our real desire to be a free spirit.