Height5'10.5" Bust32" B Waist23.5" Hips34" Dress2 US Shoe8.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I left college. I left my safety net as a collegiate athlete at the University of Texas at Austin. I took a leap from my safety net to chase a purpose I had envisioned in that burnt orange uniform: Kendall Baisden, the Olympian and phenomenal professional athlete. Four years have came and went since taking that leap to be a sponsored professional runner life has shown that what I had envisioned was just a lightly shaded corner of the intense kaleidoscope mural of my purpose. I am still at my first step in achieving my purpose, and it’s details that I glossed over in the past are becoming glaringly present. One detail being:​ bendall, the model​.

I am not a model who wants to “model”. I am a model who wants to​ create​. I want go create to add value to this world by encouraging self-awareness and self-love, inspiring new perspectives, and popularizing resilience. Committing to my dreams of modeling and running professionally with this mindset has outlined my purpose to not be a simple title that I will achieve but to be the nature behind the intentions and integrity behind my titles of achievement. My trials and triumphs in life influence my creations and push me to reach and conquer higher dimensions in this industry. Therapeutic and productive, this ever growing passion is one of the many starting points of my contributions to this world.​

Daily, my vision for this passion expands, diversifies, and sharpens. Modeling has not only become an expression of creativity in my life but has also ignited a personal transformation within myself fueled by a feeling of ​intense peace​. An ​intense peace​ ​that motivates me to break the mold on the track and in the modeling industry.