Height5'10" Bust34" B Waist26" Hips36.5" Dress4-6 US Shoe10 US HairBrown EyesBlue

Sofia Ava is the founder of Meaningful Mantras, the original brand of mirror mantras dedicated to reminding you how loved and worthy you truly are. She began her company at age 18, when she couldn’t look herself in the mirror and love the person she saw staring back at her after having grown up in a drug abusive broken home on top of surviving rape, bullying, and sexual assault. She tried telling herself “I am”mantras which didn’t work. She changed her approach and tried using sticky notes on her mirror saying

“you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are capable, you are enough”

that over time completely shifted the way she saw herself. She refused to let her hardships define her, and knew that if her products could help her overcome the pain of her past, it could, too, help others on their journey to self love. Every day she strives to become the person her younger self would be proud of, the person that her younger self desperately needed to survive the circumstances she did.

She believes in being a positive Role Model for others, using her voice only for good. Sofia’s intention is to use modeling as a platform to share her story in a way that will inspire others to not only go after their dreams regardless of what they have been through, but to empower  people to create their own self-worth and rise from any circumstance life may throw at them. She wants to change lives, perceptions and perspectives. She wants to be the woman that someone connects with through a conversation, campaign, or product who believed one way about themselves and after that interaction, their whole mindset has changed from not being good enough to seeing her story and benefiting from it, saying “if she can do it, I sure can too”.