Height5'8.5" Bust34" B Waist25" Hips35" Dress4-6 US Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I grew up a tomboy.  My days consisted of Tae Kwon Do 6 days a week, 4 hours a day for the Junior Olympics, where I won the bronze.  I had never considered myself a model but after a family friend encouraged me I gave it a try. I ended up winning the Elle Girl model search out of over 5,000 girls and immediately began working.  I loved the team aspect of it, something I loved in sports. How the photographer, makeup, stylist, and talent could work together to create beautiful images. It encouraged me to one day start my own publication which I am now doing.

Cameron Russell asked me to help her share anonymous stories of women in the industry who’ve been abused.  I posted some of the horrifying stories on my Instagram to help bring awareness but I wanted to do much more than that.  I decided to start Evie, an online publication with the motto “Seek Truth. Find Beauty.” The goal is to disrupt the magazine industry by seeking truth over trend.  I want to empower women in all ways; whether it’s in their career, negotiating for higher pay, health and fitness, and general wellness! I want to inspire young women to become victors not victims. I want to be a Role Model to inspire women to not envy other women, but to be the best version of herself.