Height5'10" Bust32" Waist25" Hips36" Shoe9.5 US HairBrown EyesHazel

Hannah Rademaker is a model, singer-songwriter, guitar player, and now real estate developer in New York. At the age of 15, she was scouted by IMG and began working in Chicago with Ford Models. Modeling became her passion when it gave her the ability to move to New York, travel around the world, work creatively and connect with others. Hannah is passionate about the environment. From appreciating nature to staying away from single-use plastic or eating a vegan diet, she does whatever she can to use less and make less of a negative impact on the planet. Hannah is trying to use her modeling platform to influence others to feel and do the same.

In addition, as the oldest of 8 children, Hannah is passionate speaking about confidence, a positive body image, mental health, and self-worth. She also wants to help aspiring and younger models by teaching them about her own personal journey In the industry. Hannah worked in the modeling industry for years, but after experiencing frustration with multiple agencies, clients and photographers, she began to focus on her real estate business and only model with brands that had the same beliefs as her. This is why Role Model Management was so appealing to her. Now she is working to have a voice in the industry and become a role model.