Height5'9" Bust34" B Waist25" Hips36" Dress2 US Shoe9 US HairHazel EyesBlue/Green

I grew up in the city of Fresno, California in the central valley. At 19 I was attending college and felt stuck and unsure about what I wanted. So, one day after some thought I up and quit my pizza job in Fresno and drove to Los Angeles with $350 to my name and no clue what was to come. I signed with a small agency and shot with as many good photographers as I could. I slept on some floors, in my car a few times, and finally booked a gig with Starbucks in China and was able to get my first place and it has continued to go well from there.


I personally believe that the modeling industry is shifting for the better. I have seen it myself, and have seen that clients aren’t just basing their model choices on thinness anymore. I truly want to promote clients who want to hire healthy models, care about how their clothes are being made and who they are affecting. As a Role Model, I want to promote eating healthy, taking care of your body, being good to others, having compassion and empathy for all living things, and protecting animals and the environment! I’d like to stand up for models who are taken advantage of in the industry, promote positive body image and encourage brands to go eco-friendly. My modeling career has taught me so much. I’ve hung out with the rich and famous (taught me money and fame DEFINITELY isn’t everything), experienced being with top agencies, and from there took the path of managing myself for the past 2 years. I’ve loved it, but I really want to share and promote what I’ve learned. Finding Role Models management got me excited because I absolutely love their mission…. to have a mission!


As for my interests - I am a huge lover of all things nature! My ideal day would be spent in the forest, swimming around waterfalls, laying in the sun or camping under the stars in the desert. I love to eat good food, workout, spend time with friends, family, and my cat, go on runs to the beach, paint, listen to all kinds of music, travel and learn new things.