Height5'9" Bust33" B Waist25" Hips36" Dress2-4 US Shoe8.5 US HairBlonde EyesBlue/Grey

My name is Renee Peters, and I am a lifelong animal lover and nature enthusiast. I try to give back to the planet and the natural world, by using my platform as a model to reshape the way people think about the environment and their role in protecting it. In 2015 I launched my blog, Model4greenliving, to provide practical tips and everyday actions that encourage mindful, sustainable living. I aim to be a Body, Mind, and Planet Positive example for everyone. For those who care about the environment but aren't sure what they can do to help, and for those who have never considered their environmental impact.

I love using fashion to inspire meaningful conversations around what we all can do to give back... for the environment and each other. I want to show that little positive actions and choices, which may seem unimportant alone, eventually become much, much more. Choosing to consume sustainably is important, and there is real power in small, daily actions. Over time, our environmentally friendly actions and choices all add up to be a huge reduction in our carbon footprint. I hope to inspire people to always remember that; to remember their power of choice.

I also want people to know that living this way is a journey, and it can be inclusive of anyone from any background who wants to make a positive change. I have been successful at implementing sustainability in my life because it is something that I build upon every day. It doesn’t seem as overwhelming because it is something I approach one decision at a time. Nothing has been overnight. I want to show that it is possible to change your life for the better without having to be perfect. This lifestyle isn’t exclusive. Yes, it takes work and time, but it is very rewarding in the end.

To my surprise, by supporting my fellow humans and the planet by living this way, I lead a much happier existence. I think others can really benefit from living more sustainably as well. That’s why I want to share my message as a Role Model.