Height5'7" Bust34" B Waist27" Hips36" Dress4-6 US Shoe7 US HairBrown EyesHazel

"Sweet and genuine, with a borderline-contagious giggle, Emma stands out in the influencer market by focusing on a lifestyle that is minimalistic, attainable, and most importantly, eco and animal friendly. Originally a 9-5 girl, Emma understands the importance of making the most of each paycheck and helps her followers find realistic, affordable, and fun ways to reward themselves throughout the week. Be it a rejuvenating pilates class, a ridiculously refreshing drink, or hitting up the new vegan spot that just opened, Emma shows her followers how to live their best life while practicing conscious living with the welfare of the planet, animals, and your wallet close to heart.

Whether she’s eating a big bowl of plant based goodness or spotlighting a sustainable clothing line, Emma delivers everyday realnesses to her followers in a fresh, lively, and delightfully authentic way."