Height5'9" Bust32" A Waist25" Hips34" Dress2 US Shoe7.5 US HairLight Brown EyesBrown

I am a plant-based model, registered dietitian and registered yoga teacher. I believe that being a role model gives me the opportunity to spread a message on the importance of living consciously and leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. So many issues we see today like world hunger, obesity, animal cruelty, destruction of nature, discrimination, depression, disease and war all stem from the same seed. This internal disconnect has stripped many people of their compassion and self-awareness. But I believe every person has the ability to be a light in this world.

My daily meditation practice for the past 10 years has taught me that in order to reach world peace, we must first find individual peace. I have dedicated my life to my personal growth and helping others realize the potential that exists within them. I do this by guiding others to choose healthful foods, exercise regularly, manage levels of stress, live mindfully and become overall passionate about life. I am incredibly fortunate that my job allows me to witness individual’s metamorphosize into better versions of themselves. You see, when we truly love ourselves, we have only love to give. We need more love in this world… don’t you think?