Height5'11" Chest20" Waist32" Inseam31" Collar15.5" Sleeve24" Suit49" HairBlack EyesBrown
I have been in fashion for almost 10 years after starting as an art student, aiming to be a teacher. I was not prepared to be in the classroom & fashion was an exciting outlet to utilize the skills I had gained in art school. Going back to teaching has been my way of showing students that fashion (& life) is not linear. We all have different stories & skills which can be used to get us to our goals. And our goals can be whatever we have ever dreamt. My passion is being able to create feelings using materials, tangible objects, and sounds. I have a big smile after creating something out of nothing.

I am trying to influence men of color, who come from conservative immigrant households who feel pressured into following careers that are not entirely fulfilling. We only have one life to live (as we know it), our parents did not struggle so that we can settle. I want to be a Role Model because I am grateful for the gentle nudges and deep questions that my parents brought up as I was growing up. Those queries allowed me to seek the answer for myself. Sometimes it is less about being told to do & more about being asked what drives you. I have learned that life is not fair, but the glass is always half full. No matter what experience we go through, good/bad/ugly, we always come out knowing ourselves more genuinely. I am different I believe anything is possible. My weeks are a mix of Djing, teaching, modeling, freelance work, and enjoying life. I come from a humble home in the suburbs of Toronto, never did I imagine that my dreams would be within reach & that I could have experiences that opened my eyes the way life has.