Height5'11" Chest38" Waist34" Inseam31" Collar15" Sleeve23" Shoe11.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I have always admired the ways human beings overcome and face adversity. Life in itself is a challenge and the many forms of art and social custom that come from this are fascinating. Often I feel that if we stop and assess the world around us we will find all the motivation and encouragement we need. By being involved in print and film campaigns I hope to encourage reflection; the documentation of emotions, experiences, events and even the mundane moments of analysis. There is so much life that exists within and around every moment, so let us stop, pause and think about it. In keeping pace with society and the tremendous amounts of content presented we are beginning to not see the world immediately around us. 

I recognize that being alive is something we all have in common. I believe that all can succeed provided we identify the best ways to do so. I am very passionate about helping people develop strategies for learning. This is primarily due to an individual taking the time to help me discover my own. Once this occurred, it was as if who I was and what I could be merged and I became my actual self. I strive to support others in reaching that point. 

I am a musician, educator and music producer. I provide academic, economic and housing support to individuals in affordable housing in NYC. In regard to music, I play guitar and produce in the NYC band Meridian Lights. Being an artist and Community Advocate are very important to me and although the are separate areas of my life, they both are sources of motivation for me and greatly inform each other.