Height6'0" Chest40" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar16.5" Suit40" Shoe12 US HairBlack EyesBrown

As an actor, model and motivational speaker - Darrius Marcellin is driven by the foundation for inspiring upcoming talent to go after their dreams and reach their full potential. "Every dream and goal is on the outskirts of a person's comfort zone, I aim to help others take one step out of theirs."  

In 2019, he launched the Girl Power Soccer club. This soccer organization is geared to fuse his passion for soccer and tying it together with empowering the future ladies with the tools to become professionals on and odd the soccer field. Each camp has a mind coach teaching leadership, public speaking, confidence, mental toughness and much more. These skills combined with training from professional players from clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City equip these young ladies with the skills to become empowered on and off the field. In June 2019 The camp had over 200 determined young ladies.

He is also known for the 1000 Failures podcast which has had 1000’s of streams globally from creatives. The podcast is roadmap designed for actors, models and creatives to understand the business here in Hollywood. “Becoming an Actor” lays out step by step what actors can expect moving to a big city or getting into the industry so they could minimize the number of failures the encounter. It is highly motivational and pushes people to go after their dreams. 

“As an influencer and a role model, I aim to use my platform to help empower and motivate the future generation to reach their full potential.”