Height6'0" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam29" Collar15.5" Sleeve23.5" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe10.5 US HairBrown EyesHazel

I moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago to pursue adventure and art on the west coast. A certain rhythm and vibration attracted me. Also it was a place of natural beauty with the ocean and coastline connected by rugged mountains and farmland. Both urban and wild, Los Angeles was a place that if I wanted to express my perspective through photos, I could. It's incredible to me how a story can be connived in just a single image and leave a lasting impact. I love being in the outdoors and exploring the natural beauty of planet earth. I also wanted to be in a city that has an awareness for the ocean, earth and the environment we live in and are going to leave for the generations behind us. I love going in morning to farmers markets and grilling a feast with friends later in the day. Shopping at local farmers markets or supporting business that use sustainable farming practices is something I live my life by and want to influence the planet to do as well. I want to open people’’s eyes to the harm they do their planet and body when you eat factory farmed foods. With new awareness comes new responsibilities.

Imagine a world where factory farming doesn't exist because the demand completely disappears?! It would be a healthier happier more "in tune with our self" world.  If I can use my influence and perspective to show that life can be different (and better!) through working with companies/brands that use sustainable practices - that’s the change I want to see. We can change minds through how we live our lives and in our art/work. We only get one planet, we really must take care of it.