Height5'11" Chest36" Waist30" Inseam32" Sleeve36" Suit34" Suit LengthR Shoe10 US HairBlack EyesBrown

My story is the story of a young black male who ran away from his passion for years due to my surroundings giving me false ideas of what it was to be a man. I grew up an athlete. I began playing sports from as early as 9 until I left college after a disappointing red shirt year on a football scholarship. Without much guidance from those around me and my peers going to jail one by one, I had to make a decision best for my life. The United States Navy was mine. Over the next 5 years the military helped me grow and find myself along the way. It gave me a mindset to not accept and create any and everything you want in life. After spending time in the Middle East for roughly a year I came back to society with a mindset to make a bigger impact on this world, and I knew money wasn't the only way to do it.

I never decided to become a model I believe the universe showed me a world that was meant for me and I trusted the universe blindly while I created a portfolio and started booking jobs on my own. Modeling helps bring out the creative side of me that can sometimes be pushed down for many men.  I’ve learned life is all perspective and how you take things. Everything isn't meant for you and you aren't meant for everything. I’ve seen the fragile line of life and death, I’ve seen the fragile line of monetary value and success yet no personal happiness and joy. I understand my time is limited here and it will eventually end so every day I practice trying to bring a smile to someone I don't know personally.

I never felt I wanted to be a role model but over time I just started paying attention to the way people gravitate toward me and what I spoke. I realized how much of an impact I made on my younger family members and how I wanted a young black male like myself to show me something different growing up. I want to continue to influence those who don't have anyone telling them they can be dreamers. I want them to know they can achieve whatever they want as long as they put the work behind it.