Height6'2" Chest42" Waist31" Inseam32" Collar16.5" Sleeve37.5" Suit32" Suit LengthL Shoe13 US HairBlack EyesBrown

I felt compelled to do this because I want to drive positive change within the modeling industry. I feel the industry is in constant change and there is a need now for more dark skinned models with facial hair like myself. In the past it's only been young fresh-faced dark skinned models that have been represented. It is very rare to see a dark skin male model with a beard or any facial hair at all, however it's far more accepted in white or fair skinned models. I believe that has to change and would love to be apart of that shift. African-American men that have beards and are more "manly" rather than "boyish" are looked at as aggressive or intimidating and I would LOVE to be apart of a movement to break that stereotype. In the African-American community it is looked at as a blessing to have a well manicured beard and many men strive for that! It would be a blessing to see us represented more in print/media and given more opportunities to show how well we can partner with brands and make a significant impact as well. Thanks for your time! Stay Blessed :)