Height6'6" Chest38" Waist34" Inseam36" Shoe13 US HairBrown EyesBrown

I am an advocate of healthy living, whether it’s eating healthy or exercising daily. I’ve struggled with insecurities about my looks when I was younger because of my freckles and I was different from everyone else. Recently I decided to become a model to let kids and anyone else struggling with insecurities know that we are all made uniquely different for a reason. As a model I hope to change the perception of what “model” means, while promoting “being different” as a positive statement. In the end, it’s not about being different, it’s more so about being YOU.

As an ex-professional athlete in Europe, I’ve been blessed to see the world and experience different cultures and I realize that we in America have unlimited access/opportunities to be whatever we want to be. I continue to influence kids through the game of basketball and I want to continue to be an influence to all generations to have confidence in their appearance -- even if that appearance is viewed as “different”. I love being a part of Role Models Management because I am a believer in practicing what you preach and the world needs more positive change.