Height6'0" Waist34" Collar17" Shoe12 US HairBlack EyesBrown

My name is Jacy Cunningham and I am a Movement Artist and Experience Designer. I graduated from Howard University in 2012, where I played 4 years of Football and majored in Economics with a minor in African Politics. `From graduation to now I have pushed myself into a myriad of experiences, from living on a mountain in Utah to running through the favela’s of Brazil. Each one of these experiences has taught me that life is not about what you have but who you are. We are not human doings but human beings.

Once my football career came to a screeching halt I was forced to shift my perspective and look not at my life, but into my life, into my essence. And what I discovered was that there was this well of love, gratitude and joy mingling within me. To most this sounds like a great experience to have; this reawakening, this rebirth. But the past 5 years have provided for some of the most topsy turvy moments a human can endure.

I sit here writing this as a man who in the last year has lost a brother, a community, and still wakes up with the biggest smile. Life is going to send us down so many roads, it’s our job to surrender to the natural flow and let it guide us into the next experience. That’s what my message is all about. Surrender. Surrender into the moment. Surrender into forgiveness. Surrender into abundance. Surrender into vulnerability.  Our humanity needs vehicles of consciousness, vessels of positivity and I see myself as such. I am an example of what happens when you stop searching outside and go inside.

That’s where the gold is, where the magic is. If there’s anything I want people to take away from my being is, “Trust your magic”.