Height6'3" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam34" Sleeve32" Suit38" Suit LengthL Shoe11 US HairBrown EyesHazel

Born and raised in San Diego, I've always enjoyed the pleasure of being surrounded by great people, food, and culture. Growing up, I got good grades, stayed out of trouble, and pretty much lived an average life. After graduating college and working for a Section 8 housing firm, I wanted to try something different. I packed my bags and drove up to Los Angeles, the city of dreams. I really didn't know what I wanted to do, but I trusted my instincts and walked into DT managment and was signed on the spot.

Being a model comes with a lot of responsibility (more than I actually thought), and I soon realized it was because I had influence over people. If I could change something in this world by being a model, I hope that I could inspire people to chase their dreams and have a positive impact on those who look up to you.

Everyday, people are trapped in unsatisfying situations, jobs, and relationships. I'm trying to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones,  and make steps towards their dreams. It takes courage to follow your dreams, but nothing is more rewarding. One thing I've learned from my experiences is that the journey is everything. Every day is a fresh start, a new opportunity to do something new.