Height6'2" Waist31" Inseam32" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe9 US HairLight Brown EyesGreen

Dane Johnson is an international model and Natural Medicine Practitioner specializing in Gut Health. After a near-death battle with Crohn’s Disease, Dane defied the odds by not only saving his own life - but avoided surgeries and eventually eliminated all drug use. He has since founded CrohnsColitisLifestyle, which aims to empower others to take control of their health naturally. He is an avid philanthropist, motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast and “can do all American”.

Today, Dane dedicate his time helping others heal and to understand the importance of self-empowerment. He uses his platform and influence to share inspiration and wisdom and to hopefully make a meaningful difference in this world.

Website: https://crohnscolitislifestyle.com