Height5'4" Bust34" B Waist28" Hips34" Shoe7 US HairBlack EyesBrown

I want the world to be more like gummy vitamins: that doing good can be a pleasure. By modeling, I want to show the world that aesthetics and heart are not contrary to each other but rather partners, I want to share the truth that beauty is beyond external; it’s an internal work that pours out of us. Through visuals, I want my audience to become more self-aware, more conscious of the choices that they make.

My passion is seeing people, especially marginalized communities like women and people of color, live inspired lives, lives that truly light them up, getting them Tom Cruise-level jumping on couches and pre-coffee morning dancing. I want to show women how big their platform, voice, and sphere of influence is no matter their season of life, body shape, popularity level, skin tone, fit-into-the-norm-ness, and achievements. 

The value of knowing your why, the balance of work-hard + go-with-the-flow, that business can be mindful of their social and environmental impact, that mental health needs to be a priority, and that body confidence is beautiful - that is the message I’m trying to share. My purpose in life is to honor God by honoring my strengths and my limits and enriching the lives of others with beauty, humor, and authenticity. These values and this drive is what lights me up, this is what I'm put on the earth for.