Height5'8" Bust39" D Waist28" Hips38" Dress6 US Shoe9 US HairBlonde EyesBlue/Green

Growing up in rural Canada I was always drawn to nature and spending time outdoors. I developed a deep connection with our beautiful planet at an early age and the desire to protect it continued to grow as I got older. Naturally the low waste movement caught my attention as well as sustainable fashion. It’s a passion of mine because we wake up everyday and get to choose what we drape on our bodies, we decide how we show up in the world. I think that is huge and it should reflect our morals. I want to encourage people to be thoughtful with their purchases and lifestyle choices. Shopping should be ethical and not damaging, I want to create change in the fashion industry and promote companies that are protecting our planet while creating quality items. 

I’m hoping to influence people who are scared to be outfit repeaters, thrifters and rebels! I want to teach them that using their dollars to vote for environmentally friendly manufacturing and the ethical treatment of garment workers is crucial. We are all so unique and have such incredible gifts that we can share with the world, individual voices to bring about change. I want to be a Role Model to reach those on the sidelines, to spread helpful tips or cool ideas, to jump in and fight for our environment. We’re all in this together.