Height5'3" Bust32" B Waist24" Hips34" Dress0 US Shoe7 US HairBrown EyesBrown

Bianca’s journey into modeling happened organically when a haircare company reached out to her through Instagram casting her as a model for their spring campaign. At the time, she was a CPA working in investment accounting but had dreams of leaving the corporate world to pursue the path that resonated with her soul the most- teaching yoga and empowering women to get outdoors through her adventure company, Girl Get Outside. This modeling opportunity expanded what Bianca thought was possible. Soon after, she got the courage to leave her corporate job and step into the unknown. Since then, Bianca has loved connecting with inspiring people who are free to express their creativity and pursue their dreams. 

When Bianca isn't modeling or practicing and teaching yoga, she's playing outside and furthering the Girl Get Outside mission. This is why Bianca felt so drawn to the Role Models vision and seeks to be a role model herself. Bianca hopes to guide people along the journey of self-discovery and awareness, through yoga, meditation, and intentional living. She also hopes to inspire everyone to get outside and make the most of nature’s therapeutic and refreshing one.