Height5'7" Bust32" C Waist27" Hips34" Dress4 US Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown

After graduating for International Business from my one country of Puerto Rico I participated in various community volunteer programs, getting involved in animal and environmental activism around the world, where I hold most of my beloved memories. In 2015, I decided to continue my studies at UCLA. Shortly after a graduated I worked as a film international licensing coordinator. This career helped to understand hard work and develop a solid work ethic.  After breaking my leg from bouldering I got enough time to think about my goals in life during my recovery. I started my own company and decided go back to modeling, but only if I could do it with a purpose to help people, not just be pretty.

I appreciate the art behind designers, the creative part of the photography and editing, the meticulous planning of a production and set design, and the life that I can give to the picture through my positive energy.

I realized at University that women are powerful earners and deciders in the market. We want to see real people with substance representing the products we buy! I personally believe that the modeling industry is shifting for the better to represent those values.  I am looking forward to using my image to help promote clients who want to hire healthy models, clients who care about how their clothes beyond just how they look but how they are made as well. In today's world modeling and social media has created great opportunities and it has give me the platform to use my voice for something bigger than fashion.