Height5'8" Bust32" C Waist24" Hips37" Dress2 US Shoe8 US HairDark Brown EyesGreen

I grew up around the world; living in Lebanon, Dubai, Germany, and Canada, and in more than one of these places I found myself the victim of bullying simply for being different, but those experiences are what made me who I am today. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was a kid, I would have told you "An inventor, so I can make something that will change the world." These days, my thoughts haven't changed too much, except what I strive to create is a message of self love and acceptance within myself and all the people I meet. I love acting and modeling because it allows me to live a life of adventure! But it also puts me in a position of influence. From there, I live by example.

I eat vegan, source my brands from sustainable companies, and pick up any trash I come across on the streets or on the trails. The old adage is true; one person can make a difference. My current passion project combines my love of surfing with a message of sustainability. A web series that tracks down the Baja coast, stopping in rural towns and highlighting the importance of community through extreme sports and what those communities are doing that we can all learn a lesson from to implement conservation in our own lives.