Height5'8" Bust34" B Waist27" Hips38" Dress6 US Shoe8 US HairBrown EyesGreen

I believe my main story really starts when I was 13 and knew I wanted to be a journalist. Then I was 14 when a guy from Elite Models stopped me at a Mall in Brazil and invited me to be part of their contest “Elite Model Look” – the same that discovered Gisele and other big names in my country. I decided to be part of it and ended up winning in my state. But leaving my studies didn’t sound appealing to me so I decided to focus on my education. I still worked here and there but it became a secondary thing in my life to journalism.

As a journalist, I know that just by delivering information, I’m already changing something, igniting a change. Being informed or having knowledge is the most powerful tool we have towards change. My job gives me the opportunity to gather what I love the most in life – to listen and to tell stories, to be around people, to learn new things every day, to travel, to feel like I am growing as a human being.I have an autoimmune disease so a lot of people I end up helping with the knowledge I have tend to be friends or people who are seeking a better health state. After taking courses in herbalism it helped me to further be able to help people who are also afflicted with autoimmune like myself. My main message is that “our body has the power to self heal” if you treat it right and respect it’s limitations.

Being a model means much more than runways and photoshoots to me. I want to inspire people – it doesn’t really matter how – inspiring them to be positive, to eat better, to be better, to get involved in causes that matter to our planet. If you have a positive effect in someone’s mind, heart or way of seeing/living life, that is the gift of life.

We are this unique combination of different things. But at the same time, we are all the same: a unique combination of different things. Isn’t this amazing? It fascinates me.