Height5'10" Bust34" C Waist26" Hips38" Dress4 US Shoe9.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown

Asher Jay is an international adventurer and public figure whose compelling paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation.  

Not every person gets to make an impassioned declaration to a salaried position on Seventh Avenue and find his or her calling on the Serengeti  but that is precisely how Jay began her journey. While she understands that most people take pride in never quitting, she believes it takes knowing when to quit to find one's self and purpose. So her path and process began at "I quit," which has since taken this city bird to the bush wild time and again. To tell compelling stories instead of sew sartorial couture.