Height5'10" Bust36" C Waist30" Hips40" Dress10 US Shoe5 US (kids) HairRed EyesBrown

Having immigrated to the US as young child and then choosing a male dominated industry for my career as an adult, the journey to where I am now has not been easy. As a female chef in the world of food, I have drawn heavily from the strength of woman chefs that have come before me to drive my own motivation to succeed in culinary arts. I’ve never been one to play it safe when it comes to any aspects of my life and that has certainly translated in my career as well. From opening an organic vegan cafe in bustling NYC to starting my own personal cheffing business with an aim to make healthy eating more accessible for everyone, I am proud to be a self-made woman.

Aside from my passion for food and wellness, my biggest goal in life is to help others discover that health and the enjoyment of food don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I’ve had to be self-motivated in almost all aspects of my career; diving into the nitty gritty of running a successful business while constantly improving my culinary skills.Thankfully, I’ve also realized the power derived from community and have surrounded myself with like minded women chefs striving to shake up the food scene. Daily, I still rely on the advice from the strong, powerful women in my own life to guide my choices and give me the confidence I need to be a boss and leader in the health chef community. My greatest hope is that up and coming female chefs can look to me someday as a role model and source of inspiration for their own culinary journeys.