Height5'3" Bust33" A Waist23.5" Dress0 US Shoe6 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown

Kamea Chayne is a creative, author, Duke-certified Integrative Health Coach, and the host of Green Dreamer Podcast. After realizing the limitations of what is perceived to be "wellness" in mainstream media, she set out to help expand the concept to include all facets of our mental, physical, and environmental wellbeing.

From regenerative living, conscious fashion, green beauty, to positive activism, she's on a journey to curiously explore what it takes to holistically enrich our lives and biodiversity on earth. One of the things she's currently fascinated by is soil restoration and its ability to support our planet's entire web of life and resilience against degradation, so she's learning to compost, nurture native plants, and create the conditions that allow the vital microbial life beneath our feet thrive.